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Prima Effe

Client Feltrinelli /

The Gruppo Feltrinelli educational platform where the publisher, writers, students and professors find their literature and culture sharing community.

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Prima Effe is Gruppo Feltrinelli’s first project in the educational field.

We dealt with the creation of a new name and the art direction of Prima Effe’s visual identity with the aim of creating a fluid and dynamic system able to convey all the activities offered by the project.

In order to make the system instantly recognisable and closely related to the Feltrinelli logotype, we developed the Prima Effe visual identity starting from the famous symbol created by designer Bob Noorda. We created a fluid and dynamic identity made up of four triangular elements that are free to move within a specific grid. This visual asset allows the logo to be reinvented in different shapes, generating a continuously evolving system.

The primary color palette includes three main bright and vibrant colors inspired by highlighters, as a reminder of the world of school in a contemporary way. Beside them, we also kept the institutional red of the Feltrinelli identity.

Both the logo lettering and the endorsement are in New Century Schoolbook, the institutional Feltrinelli typeface, as a link with the other Feltrinelli projects.

Concerning the naming, Prima Effe combines a reference to the world of school with the fact that it is the first group project dedicated to the educational field coordinated by Feltrinelli and among the first in Italy.