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An internal engagement campaign to celebrate the company’s “Power The Future” vision.

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To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Fluid-o-Tech, we proposed a campaign aimed at telling the story of the company and communicating its vision of the future.

“Power the Future” is both a photographic campaign and an internal engagement project, targeted at all employees, who were invited to express their point of view about the future.

As well as the project concept, we designed all the campaign materials and content.
Over two days, we shot more than fifty portraits on a set specifically prepared inside the company’s headquarters.
Pictures and captions of Fluid-o-Tech employees create a mosaic of different points of view about the future, displayed in different ways on different communication channels.
One of the most important graphics concerns the personalization of the headquarters’ spaces.

The pictures of the project liven up the new Fluid-o-Tech waiting room: a gallery made up of all the pictures and the introductory text “Power the Future” welcome the visitor with an overview of the company vision of the future. Some of the campaign images were printed as enlargements and lead visitors and employees into the sales area and the meeting room.

In addition to headquarter’s spaces, the campaign was spread by Fluid-o-Tech on its social media channels and in a specific section of the company website.