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Euleria Health

Client Euleria Health /

Design a new identity system for an innovative brand in rehabilitation and telerehabilitation.

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Euleria Health is an innovative brand that makes medical devices to analyze movement and make patients’ rehabilitation and telerehabilitation more measurable, accessible, and motivating.

We worked with Euleria Health on a complete rebranding project, aiming to enhance the recognition and distinctiveness of Euleria Health's identity within the medical field, with a contemporary, innovative, and people-oriented style.

During the strategy phase, we helped Euleria Health repositioning the brand. We developed a new brand model, defined values and personality, and one of the results of this strategy phase is the new claim “the right to move”, that condenses the purpose of the brand.

Some of the new keywords of the brand as movement, dynamism, direction, path, coach, innovation and simplicity, have been the main pillars for the work on the new visual identity of Euleria Health, mainly for the new logo and color palette, that particularly fits with digital applications.

Beside this, we developed a complete new identity system by choosing a new bold typography (Aeonik and Poppins) and an imagery that focuses on people, and we created a new strong, colorful and smooth element that connects and integrates the whole communication system: the path.