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Develop an outstanding brand for a Swiss leader in the digital legal market.

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Brandit is a dynamic and modern company.
With offices in Switzerland, Denmark, Malta and The Netherlands, and more than 700 clients, it is one of the most highly reputed companies in the fields of Domain Management, Trademarks and Online Brand Protection.

At the core of its work are flexibility and a strong personal approach to the clients. Following a strategic project and a through brand repositioning, we developed a new brand positioning and a modern and international visual identity.

The graphic core element — alongside a new vibrant and bold color palette —is designed around the concept of an ever-changing rubber band. A rubber-band can stretch, or adapt itself to an object. It also can secure something, or it can help to move things around…

Here, it represents the way Brandit is able to move, connect and protect its assets and ideas, in a playful and contemporary way.